The Next Generation of Graphene Products

Advanced 3d Sciences is at the vanguard of the production of N.G.P's (Nano Graphene Platelets) focused on assisting companies successfully engineer graphene solutions which provide performance advantages within conduction, electrical and mechanical arenas. Our imitable, proprietary "Bottom Up" manufacturing process produces high specification graphene which enables us to consistently deliver cutting edge material solutions which are optimized for numerous applications.

We have a proven track record and the expertise to effectively partner with customers across the commercialization process from initial stages through to the end user.

Critical Performance Advantages
Advanced 3d Sciences's nano graphene solutions omit the dispersion and viscosity issues that are associated with the processing of advanced materials that are composed of carbon nanotubes and/or fibres the advantages are inclusive of:

  • Lower density

  • Increased "Specific" Surface Area

  • Increased Intrinsic Strength

  • Two Hundred Times Stronger Than Steel

  • Superior "In Plane" Electrical Conductivity

  • Superior Thermal Conductivity

Our aim is to become Asia's leading, most efficient producer of graphene and graphene products, providing advanced material solutions over numerous applications and industries.

If you want to find out more about harnessing the advantages of graphene technology to the best of your advantages then do not hesitate in sending us an email or contacting us by phone.

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