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Advanced 3d Sciences 's bespoke manufacturing process through the use of our proprietary and sustainable "Bottom-Up" process.

Through the use of only the highest grade graphite, the graphene which we produce is virtually completely free of impurifications which makes it suitable for a broad range of applications.

Our cutting edge processing plant allows the production of graphene in meaningful amounts which results in a material used for co-development projects with an established group of commercial partners.

Graphene Dispersions

Advanced 3d Sciences can disperse graphene is a broad range of polymer matrices which include thermoplastic and thermoset as well as aqueous and non-aqueous solutions, oils, elastomers and adhesives.

If you are considering the enhancement of electrical and thermal conductivity of a material, enhancing its gas and/or mechanical properties or improving its resilience to chemical, marine or atmospheric elements we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you. We can produce and disperse graphene within your current application and/or assist in the development of a custom solution which is optimized for your application requirements.

The inherent characteristics of our contaminate-free graphene nanoplatelets afford highly stable and uniform dispersions which are suitable for applications which include:

  • Films and barriers

  • 3D-printers' materials and inks

  • Packaging and display materials

  • Thermal management solutions

  • Batteries and capacitors

  • Functional fluids, oils and lubricants

  • Coatings and paints

  • Advanced composites

On sign off of your newly developed products, our up-scale production facility is there to ensure that you will have the necessary supply of high-specification graphene. We are always happy to discuss your requirements, provide technical product data-sheets and give assistance with co-development services.

If you want to find out more about harnessing the advantages of graphene technology to the best of your advantages then do not hesitate in sending us an email or contacting us by phone.

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